Twelve Shipping and Packing Tips for Businesses



Nothing worse than waiting for a package to see that when it gets there it has been broken, crushed or mangled due to shipping. To avoid this, appropriate shipping and packing methods must be followed. Below are 12 tips to follow for anything you need to ship.

Packing Tips

  1. Remove old shipping labels

Are you one to reuse old shipping boxes? When you do this, do you check to make sure the old shipping labels are removed? If you skip this step packages could be delivered to the wrong place because of the old barcode or addresses being visible. It could also lead to a delay in shipping due to confusion.

  1. Get Boxes for Free from Your Shipper

Most major carrier services provide its customers with free packing options. For the smallest, non-fragile objects, an envelope will do. For the larger objects, free boxes may also be available. The U.S postal service offers the Priority Mail Flat Rate program which includes free boxes and envelopes when a package is being sent though the flat rate program. This delivery is usually arrives at its destination in 1-3 days. Shippers will also only have to pay one flat rate no matter the weight of the package. You can pick up the boxes and/or envelopes from your local post office. FedEx offers free packaging for all of those who use their service. FedEx also allows them to order packing online. UPS, too, offers free shipping supplies. There are exceptions of course such as the package sixe or weight.

  1. Use the H-Tape Method

This method keeps the package from opening throughout the shipping and delivery process. The H-Tape method includes taping each of the open seams which will make an H shape across the upper surface of the box. If you are packaging an irregular shaped item that may fit better in a tube, just make sure the two ends of container are sealed.

  1. The Type of Tape Makes a Difference

The best type of tape to use for packaging is plastic or reinforced paper tape that is 2 inches wide. Masking tape or scotch tape is not strong enough. Duct tape is also not a good option. Both FedEx and UPS advice against using duct tape so, it’s best to listen the experts. Also avoid string or rope to seal your package. This can break while shipping.

  1. Case a Box within a Box.

When an item is fragile, you may need more than a box to keep it safe. Insulate completely around the inside box for protection. The best procedure includes using two inches of cushioning around the item which is then placed inside a box. Next, use crumpled newspaper or cushioning material to secure the item in the box. This prevents movement. Place the first box inside another and use more cushioning material to secure the smaller box.

  1. Beware of the Ink from Crumpled Newspaper

Newspaper is the most common material used for cushioning a package. The ink from the paper can bleed onto other materials. So be sure to wrap the item in a way where this does not happen.

  1. Shipping Baked Goods

The best way to ship baked goods is to put it in a food container and then a box for shipping. Firm baked good are easier to ship than something brittle. Make sure the box is packed tightly so packages don’t shift.

  1. Include an Inside Label

Place an additional label with shipping info inside the box. This is a good way to assure even if the outside label is ruined that the package gets to where it belongs.

Shipping Tips

  1. Double Check Shipping Schedules

Be aware that holidays can cause a delay in shipping. Weather is another aspect that can cause delays. If you plan to ship a package within a short window of time, plan ahead.

  1. Check local and international holiday schedules

Check FedEx’s domestic and International holiday shipping guide to see how the holidays can affect your shipping. Say you have ordered something from out of the country, there may not be a holiday in the U.S but a holiday in the other country can delay shipping.

  1. Take advantage of Tracking Services

Free tracking is key to a non-stressful shipping. This allows you to see where your package is at all times. It can also give you and estimated date of delivery. You can receive updates via text if desired. If you are checking online, simply enter your tracking number into the tracker and the status information will be provided.

  1. Expedited Shipping is an Option

Most companies today offer overnight or two day shipping. This is preferred by many because although it can be more money because people do not have to wait to receive their package. This is also the best option for those who might need to get a last minute gift or outfit for an occasion.

Explore all of your shipping and packing options. as a company it is important. Understand UPS and FedEx shipping rates, be on the lookout for overcharges, ask for assistance from the experts in the auditing industry. This is what they do, what they know, they are here to help.